Hey I am Varnika Gupta Jain , founder of Soapure India. I have always been inclined towards skin care and particularly used home remedies for the same. Home remedies like mom’s recipe of mixing herbs and natural ingredients be it turmeric , aloe Vera , neem , fruit pulps , curd etc. worked amazing for me since childhood.
My skin has been kind to me and I was always asked the reason for my glowing skin. This has been the major reason that I experimented products by mixing natural oils and butters and so much more. My family and friends tried these products and loved it so much that they started giving me orders every now and then. Meanwhile in lockdown 2020 I started making products officially for everyone and came up with a page on Instagram and Facebook. The response had been incredibly amazing and so I came up with the website finally. I am glad that the family is growing bigger with each day passing by- my home grown modern skin care brand SOAPURE.

–Varnika Gupta Jain, Founder

Inspired By You

Since our first Monday Drop in 2015, you have embraced fine jewelry for yourself. It’s you—your daily style signatures, your decisions to buy yourself the damn diamond—that has inspired us the whole time. You’re living our mission right alongside us.

The years have flown and today, over a decade later while that little cottage is just a memory, every day we can still be found behind the doors of our workshop, using slow unhurried methods to mindfully bring our natural products to life. At the heart of each one lies a blend of essential oils consciously created to help reconnect your mind, body and spirit.